Invited Presentations


  • R. Gupta, Biomedical Sensors for Disease Detection, Clinician Engineer, Webinar.
  • R. Gupta, Hydrogels for Optical Sensors, Silesian University of Technology, Poland.
  • R. Gupta, Optical Sensors and Recognition Elements, University of Technology of Compi├Ęgne, France.
  • R. Gupta, Aqueous Photochemistry for the Fabrication of Grating Sensors in Hydrogels, Photonics Europe (Photosensitive Materials and their Applications), France.
  • R. Gupta, Research Overview, Distinguished Seminar Series, Imperial College London, UK.
  • R. Gupta, Optical Biosensors for Microbes, University of California, Davis, USA.


  • R. Gupta, Optical Waveguide and Grating Biosensors, University of Durham, UK.
  • R. Gupta, Optical Biosensors for Healthcare Applications, University of Leeds, UK.
  • R. Gupta, Grating Biosensors and Photofunctionalisable Hydrogels, University of Glasgow, UK.
  • R. Gupta, Optical Biosensors and their Integration with Recognition Elements, University of Newcastle, UK.
  • R. Gupta, Optical Waveguide Biosensors, Nottingham University, UK.


  • R. Gupta, Polymer Based Optical Biosensors, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA.
  • R. Gupta, Healthcare Technologies Challenge Award experience, Nottingham, UK.
  • R. Gupta, Research Overview and Capabilities, Sci-Phy-4-Health CDT, Birmingham, UK.


  • R. Gupta, Optical Biosensors, Transmed CDT, Edinburgh, UK.
  • R. Gupta, Sensors for Wound Management, University of Sheffield, UK.
  • R. Gupta, Research Overview, University of York, UK.
  • R. Gupta, Biosensors for Wound Diagnostics, Smith and Nephew, UK.